Archives: Fluid Drained from Raila Odinga's Brain

I think I’ve have finally narrowed down on the cause of Raila’s deteriorating brain power.
So far, Raila has blamed everyone involved in August 8th election for his loss. Today he threw in Safaricom for good measure.

I have 2 theories. Either God is punishing Kenya, or God is punishing Raila.
[I]“Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

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You are a son of a bitch

I have a feeling even you have finally come to the conclusion too. I did not see any Nasa person defend Raila today after the presser accusing Safaricom.
Mambo yabadilika indeed.

Watu wa central vichwa vimeharibika kapisa

Don’t be shocked to see their staunchest supporters giving credence to this wild claims that only a drug addicted mad man would make or throw insults by the bucket load as evidenced by @coldpilsner above for guys pointing out the imbecility of such claims.

This is relatively old news. They new fear is that they drained too much and left him with very little to work with.

Am waiting for them to tell their supporters to boycott Safaricom services, the way they were told of Nation Media Group.