DEYA represented by senior counsel Ngatia begun his case in a local court,he is accused of five counts of child trafficking. Enyewe there’s never a dull moment in Kenya!

what relationship does this case have to do with kenya?

Where have you been? But then again this is nanii’s thread.

He was extradited from UK to Kenya to face child trafficking charges.

Georgina, Kenyan authorities managed to get this conman deported/extradited from the United Kingdom. Yep the same Gava I see you bringing down every day. How would you as a Mother feel if your newborn was stolen? Having said so many Kenyan Pastors need to be audited. Please usinichapie insha, my head is hurting from looking at some figures that are not working hia.

Naomba unitumie tuu, ile link ya the big O post. Don’t be mean.

and again its his case against GOK?

enyewe mkono ya serikali ni noma if they managed to rich him

So you wanna loose yourself in semantics?

I may just be confused, but I thought he as reeeach!?