Appreciating Birdman and Lil Wayne

Back in the days around 2009, men that was real shit by these niccas

These niggers are g@y…this thread is g@y…you are g@y. Why are you g@y?


We are focused on music here not sexual orientation

fire meeen.

my girl cant wear that, coz that’s were my stash at

Mannie Fresh on some of their best beats

That shit fathered Lex Luger the trap producer;list=PLC6C6C4A06B4B69BD

couldn’t believe drake could top this. wild

Stuntin like my Daddy was the shit back then

pamoja na hii

Prime lil wayne was untouchable, his album colabo na birdman like father like son wwas certified banger

weezy and crack
always tight combo

Leather so soft is still a favorite.

The money gone come, if not I’m gone get it