Apply for loan @ 2% interest.

We are loan lender we give out loan at the rate of 2% interest. Are you
tired of seeking for Loans and Mortgage? have you been constantly turned down by banks and other financial institutions; We give out loans to individuals,firms,companies,industries

Any interested person or group,irrespective of your country should contact us now via email: [email protected]



We give out loans with or without collateral. Please anyone interested should forward their inquiry to us via email on [email protected]

2% interest in what period of time? Per annum? Per month? Per hour?
Is the rate adjustable? @evroza si ulikuwa unatafuta loan? kuja uangalie hii maneno utuambie details…

Is it 2% on the reducing balance?

Shylock alert

2% less than even what standard chartered loaned kenya to buy BVR kits? it was 4% I think

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And what’s the catch, since it’s fairly obvious there must be one?

Hahaha…Lol this is 2% per month which equates to 24% per annum…

sounds more of like 2% per week

unafika in their offices and they’re like; its 2% per week equating to 8% per month; would you still like to take a loan?

Huyu ni mkora.

Weka details zote hapa then whoever is interested can inbox you. I mean terms and conditions, limits, requirements, repayment period etc

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
This picture tells is all.[ATTACH=full]10186[/ATTACH]

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Please anyone interested should forward their inquiry to us via email on [email protected]

Creating an illusion of serious money…Kumbe ni singles

up your conning game.
this wont do.

Why don’t you post everything here; start by answering the above questions. Then we can decide from there. Also tell us about your company

Huyu ni tapeli