Apple's annual revenue = 3 times Kenya's annual GDP. Ole wetu

Apple revenue = 270 birrion USD
Kenya GDP = 80 birrion USD

Apple employees = 137,000
Kenyan citizens + foreigners living here = 50, 000, 000

Mungu atusaidie sisi kama bonobos


Numbers dont lie

My cock!!!

A very bonobo way of doing comparisons

It’s even worse for Kenya because GDP takes into account idle investments and stock that hasn’t been sold yet. Meanwhile Apple’s revenue only counts the phones they sold

Yet bonobos are still praying to their gods to improve the economy! Yes? We must invest in innovation, invest in human resource and have long term plans

Ok since you want us to go that route ,America’s top 20 companies have more revenue than Germany’s GDP which is the 4th largest (a developed country of 80 million) [ATTACH=full]342721[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]342722[/ATTACH]

So what was your point again ?

Goes to show how far ahead America is financially. Wako ligi yao pekee yao. The rest of us are bonobos in comparison.

BNP Paribas, the French bank, annual revenue exceeds the GDP of Poland. Walmart’s annual revenue is greater than that of Belgium.

We can do this with many countries and multinationals. But, it’s always good to use relevant comparables without resorting to hyperbolic juxtapositions intended to mislead your audience.

A more sincere analysis would have been where a multinational yearly earnings surpasses the GDP of high- income countries.


Walmart has a bigger income than the GDPs of the following high income countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Belgium, New Zealand et al.
Would you call those countries bonoboland just because a multinational has a bigger income than their GDP.
Anyway these comparisons are only used to show just how huge the US economy is not to denigrade.

Lakini @Sambamba huwa unajifanya very knowledgeable in matters finance.

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