Apple rejects request made by kenyan gafament to unlock iphones

US tech giant Apple rejected a request by the Kenyan government to unlock two iPhones that were the subject of police investigations in the six months to December.
The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) fillings of December 23 indicate that Apple received an appeal from Kenya seeking communication details on an iPhone that remained locked.
America’s market regulator did not disclose the type of information Kenya was seeking from the high-end phones or owners of the gadgets.
The rejection of Kenya’s request echoes Apple’s previous stand opposing demands by governments, including the US, to unlock an encrypted iPhones, arguing such a move would violate its free speech rights

Mtu ako na connection anihook up na hii tender

Mimi naona Wanataka kuhack chats za WSR.

Israelis have a hardware that unlocks them.

hardware unlocking software?

He is just throwing words

More like hardware unlocking hardware.

Soma hiyo link nimekurushia hapo juu.

dude, put two devices together and let them do anything to each other, let alone hacking, without software, and tada, magic will happen, right?

It’s quite possible. Search alibaba “icloud removal”. There’s machine ya 300k ya ku unlock

Am surprised that they don’t buy iOS zero days if the target is of high value.

There’s hardware involved right? That was my original response.

He is right kuna hardwares and dongles for such purposes.

Then why dont the govt use them instead of contacting Apple

Then why does the govt need access from Apple instead of using the Israeli hardware

It is because they work for Android but for apple it might be a challenge.

Big tech is the world’s worst headache. Wamezima hadi mzito Trump.

I thought river road kuna wasee wanaeza unlock iPhone

Kuna ku-unlock by any means ndio simu iuzwe na kuna ku-unlock ilinkupata ushahidi.
Also, River Road hawawezi remote unlock.
The only thing applaud Apple for is the damn good security of it’s iOS devices. If your iPhone id running the latest patch is iCloud locked that phone can only be cannibalized for spare parts.

Ask yourself why you rarely hear of LE asking Google for help to unlock an Android device.

So the guys who steal iphones can only sell as spare parts?

Update ones, yes.