App Idea Hivi

Leo niko open for matusi, ukidhani niko na kaujinga kwa kichwa sema. Then by proceeding to read beyond this point you have agreed not to use my idea for profit and for enforcement kuna mchawi wa ukambani atalalisha mboo au pussy iwe dry milele.

The idea is simple, its uber taxi but for private members. Sema kabuda anatoka coast anakuja nai. na ipe bmw yake na for reasons anataka kubeba wasee wanacome the same way.
Anaweza enda hapo mwembe tayari abebe random guys na awachie hao ma boys wa hapo za macho.
Au a download my app. or log in to a web portal where he will meet such willing passengers where they will decide on place and time to meet.

Thats the idea, how to implement ni aje na pia watu wanajua costs I’m all ears

Sema hijacking…anyway thats called carpooling and apps exist for that.

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inaitwaje, yaani there is no original idea under the sun? does it work well in Kenyan environment?

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Problem is how to generate income from such an app.

kwani this tu ads. I see running hapa chini kwa free apps don’t pay much?

Your dream is still valid. I don’t think there is any carpooling business running hapa Kenya yet. Since you’ve laid claim to that one … I’ll lay claim on Car2go

While I was in The states I used to be a member of this service called zip car

Where you could book and get a car to run errands through an app…and once you are done with it unairudisha…was an awesome way to move around since cabs are quite expensive…how this can be replicated here is challenging…uber and easy taxi are making it big here…in fact I used an uber taxi Leo for the first time…it was great…well trained drivers, clean new cars…and I could pay with my credit card…nice

@Grace Zipcar was the bomb for me in boston yaani u have a card ukipatana na zipcar parked by the roadside you tap your card and zoom off ukimaliza you park it anywhere and walk home

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and how much was it? naskia iko based on how much time you spent in the cab ama?

I find the idea to be interesting, that is not hard to implement, you can create an app using some of the real time Javascript frameworks like AngularJS or Meteor
What will cost you a lot will be marketing this app via different websites that get lots of traffics and probably you can go ahead to advertise it on some of the media outlets like KTN and NTV. You can also market it via Billboards.

In the beginning, the only way I see you getting some cash is via the Ads, Note also initially the app should be free to attract people, with time you can add various modules to the app that require subscription hence you will get money. The reason why I say subscription is that it will get you money and of course for the subscribed guys you will deactivated the Ads because they will find it annoying to have adds running at the bottom of the screen after they have already paid you for subscription.

You have a good idea so go ahead and implement before I steal it :D:D

itawork,…kenyans need advertising. by the time ianze kuleta low income unadryfry akina @purr-

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kina njoroge watakumaliza