Apologies to all

This is my sincere apology to everyone I kosead on klost… I want to fit here coz that idiot Wanderi keeps lying to us like we are children… Jamaa amefirisika na hataki kusema… Hata the other Klost male moderater is here using the aviator female handle…

sasawa mathee… atleast sio nyinyi mnatawala hapa…


kumbe jakipii = @aviator = fag


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Karibu kwa bench bora uitwe new villager .

Unaeza kuwa assistant wa mod monk

You, @Supu Waiganjo, have sank to the bottom. And while there, you have started digging.

@ol monk toa hii takataka.

Supu waiganjo… I don’t think Supu at her age can abuse the hand that fed her

Can these two characters prove or disapprove who they say they are without a reasonable doubt.



supu ni wagacue


This may not even be supu

I don’t mind them… Their drama=more page views =…

Exactly. This is a veined tree bearer. I can clearly confirm that am not Jakenya. Whether am Msuper aka kawambui or not isn’t an issue at this point. My incognito doesn’t Waiganjo any known Loster.

aviator = kawambui

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Give this man a beer.

Hi Aviator…

Hi Waiganjo

Its sad to have to talk to yourself. . .just saying.

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What’s going on here, hii mambo ya waiganjo is getting out of hand. @admin saidia

This kthugs issue should continue wacha wajianike tu.