Apartment Title Deeds

Wenye mmenunua apartments lately, mnapata title deeds as promised by Uhunye??

The old law exposed buyers to shafting in all ways. Developers could sell and then take a loan with the mother title. Also, they could sell and then construct more apartments on the green spaces.

I think the new law is good for buyers and will save them from being shafted by greedy developers.


hizi apartment za mchinku going for 2.9 m msa road ziko aje reviews zikuje

farida karonei anashika tu mahandi huko lands.

Hizo taito utakaa-kaa kabla uzione. Ni kama vishon 2030. It’s just that - a vishon.

They have been selling them for many years. Many kenyans wameshidwa kulipa and they are being auctioned or the company is reselling those they have repossessed. Kama utalipa cash and is for business, achana nayo kabisa.

kwa nini if for biz ?

Because you’ll continue paying rent in name of service charge for the rest of your life. If it’s a home you want, buy a kaploti, jega. For rent, its better but 28 - 30k you can get something better somewhere else

Bought one. So far nyumba iko poa sana, very neat and organised. The developer is selling Water (KSh 300 per unit) and electricity to the house occupants. Service charge is 3k for the new apartments. The old ones service charge is 2k. Rental income is around 28k for the houses.

Iko ready tenants huko siwes mind kupita na moja hapo

Tuwache kwa nini

Tenants wako wengi sana