My laptop has been very slow lately taking over a minute to load a page. It gets worse when you open multiple tabs. It is even worse trying to watch videos when it hangs and you’re told the shockwave flash is not responsive or something like that. I have tried watching tutorials on Youtube on the problem but like I said the I can’t watch due to this problem.
@Deorro and other techies what could be the problem?

All programmes ama browser pekee?

R u using Firefox í ½í´¥?

put it on arv’s its a virus

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check what’s using up all the ram or processor using task manager, one process must be hogging all the resources.

I bet you’re using Google Chrome

Browser pekee


Which one is that?

Thanks I am doing that right now

Do you use or have another browser? (I know IE is probably there and never-updated, so, ignore that) If its browser pekee try testing on another browser. Or simply reinstall the Firefox browser.


Nimeona the space on disk C is about 500mb I think it’s the problem

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Alafu pia utumie Chrome juu firefox yako inadefault to flash which chews resources.

try updating it. halafu when using angalia task manager on how much ram inatumia.

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Check on the top page of the browser…clik on help,troubleshooting information then click on the refresh firefox n-u-gud-to go.

I have done that but still the problem persists. Kwanza after sometime the screen suddenly becomes dark and you have to reboot again

Weka tuneup utilities by AVG. Itakufanyia kazi yote

Informative post right here

ati 500mb kwa drive c???