AP Traffick Cops

Now that our AP’s are on the roads looking for “traffic offenses” did they undergo any traffic courses ? Anybody with answer ?

They know better than kusumbua Planet Bus

hii kitu wafanye ka states banaa. any police(wo)man, handles traffic offences.

Any discipline force ama?..kama kdf, NYS,kps etc…

only @pamba knows if APs attended any traffic handling course. it’s their time to eat though.

Boss hauna Habari about any police officer na traffic offence?

state troopers, rangers, sherrifs and police.

Ata hao wengine hawakuenda, wacha watu wakule na shifts ,next yr waweke KDF .kwani iko Nyny

…This country should just burn to the ground now…

You don’t need any training to recieve a fifty bob note

Munajua tu kuokota picha kwa shosho media then munaandika whatever pleases you.
Umeskia wapi they are handling traffic offences?
With increased terror threats, all D- materials have been authorised to stop and search any suspicious vehicles on our roads. Kama hujasikia hio i can’t blame you…
And btw, hii ilianza kitambo sana…

Bora tu, ujue hide and seek.

Kwani umekuwa wapi?Ebu wakupate hujafunga mshipi.

Hizi ndizo flights za ushago kwenu.

Orders from Ma-tear-ng’ee. And you know it. Other than that any other traffic issue wanaachia kawaida TO’s to deal with…

Hiyo vumbi iko hapo sio mchezo

makongeni massive…na @upepo ingine deadly, unatembea na macho chinese vumbi isiingie kwa macho.

Planet apana tambua Matiang’i, juzi moja imenipita nikiwa 120 on garissa highway.

140 average

We don’t do less

Leo nilikuwa na a piece of block board (approximately 2ft x 6ft) ndani ya gari .Nilikuwa nime recline front seat kabisa and the back seat flat on the floor to accomodate the board .
I was flagged on a road block manned by AP and Regular police wakaniambia i have made my car a commercial vehicle by carrying the board .
Does such a law exist ? I just plainly told him i didn’t know its an offence and he handed me back the driving license.