Happening now in the High court, citizen tv

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Looks like he will be allowed to vie

The Judge rules that all candidates who participated in an annulled election should be in the new election.

then it means RAT is really fcked!

sema official thread …mono baller ataipin.

He has been allowed to run

:D:D:Dwatu kujikaanga

Tukutane kwa debe

COURT orders IEBC to include Thirdway Party leader Ekuru Aukot in repeat election.

Justice Mativo: Since 60 days is not enough for nominations, then those who participated in nullified poll should qualify to run

Kenyarra vs aukot…RAT to bondostan direeeeect

So does this mean RAt amejikaanga ama? Ktalk lawyers make me understand

Justice Mativo " Supreme Court decision of Raila 2013 on what fresh elections means was an Obiter Dictum & doesn’t bind the High Court."

Weka new thread and have it pinned VC

Aukot ako ndani, ndaaaaaani kabisa.

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Haha am still waiting for RAT to pull out the joker .Fuck him!!!RWNEEEEEEEBP NEFA EFA!!

Ebu explain to me like a 2 year old what is happening?