Anyone get the sense most of YouTube song dislikes are inadvertent?

Anyone bothered to observe the trends in YouTube songs like/dislike statistics?
I have observed that on youtube, songs, and more speifically the more popular ones, there is a tendency of the dislike percentage to be somewhere between 2% and 4% on average. I do conjecture however, that most of those dislikes are not directly intentional.
For starters, one might dare that generally you won’t listen to songs on YouTube that you knowingly dislike. Much more often, it is fans that play the song explicitly. By virtue of the fact many people have heard songs, but can’t place the artist name, song name, or both of them, and as such they experiment with possible songs on YouTube.
I would presuppose a significant portion might happen upon the dislike button out of frustration, whilst a much lesser portion of the viewers do indeed get to listen to the song to check it out, and ultimately establish that they indeed dislike the song, and vote as such they may. Real intended dislikes I would imagine are probably somewhat less than 1%.

I would like to see the data analysis you did on this with the sample data plus the code you wrote which led you to this conclusion. Otherwise hii yako ni ile @vuja de husema "97% of stats are made on the spot)

Ps: huko Kaggle kuna a dataset ya popular youtube songs with the likes, dislikes and views data

There are very many people who listen to the song, feel it’s not good enough and move on without pressing the dislike button or commenting. … same scenario for a majority of those who will watch and like it.

The only thing I’ve noticed with YT is the increase in frequency, as far as ads go. Nowadays they regularly show 2 ads before a video begins. You press the “skip this ad” button then another ad begins, and you have to skip again for your video to begin.

This is not a demonstrable scientific truth, and I never did ascribe that qualification to my analysis but rather a conjecture. On the 2% to 4%, and especially for popular songs the dislike tends to constitute largely of the 1/50th-2% and 1/25th-4% margins.
On the “dislike option”, it is highly unlikely you KNOWINGLY listen to a song on YouTube that you in fact dislike. We all know of songs of which you have heard, but lack the proper key words to make out the artist/song title, and you therefore set about “trying” different possibilities, and the frustration of failure doesn’t make too far fetched hitting the dislike button, and for the “real dislikes” a small portion who might not have previously known about the song might listen and subsequently dislike.