Anyang Nyong’o promises 4000 bars to reduce Joblessness in Kisumu County

Anyang Nyong’o stopped his motorcade to listen to Wanainchi after visit a beer plant. They asked for Jobs among other things. He assured that 4000 new bars would be opened in the region to create jobs.

The beer will be made using locally-sourced sorghum; the brewer has or will recruit over 15,000 sorghum farmers to grow the crop.

Why are we unable to organise such numbers of growers to grow the sorghum for food, supplement maize for Ugali and Wheat; create health sober Jobs.

Kiambu is up in arms about the bars, Oh heaven! Pity Kisumu, its destiny is that of Kiambu.


Lol. Is this not after the EABL statement that for the new Kisumu production plant to turn a profit 4000 new bars have to be opened in Western Kenya?

While Baba Yao is cracking down on bars in Kiambu, baba Lupita is opening new ones. Interesting indeed.

As if there are not enough alcoholism problems in Kisumu. Why not say he will attract food processing plants?
For example, the fish that is caught in Lake Victoria could be fully cooked and packaged in airtight tin containers and sold in supermarkets as ready to eat fish. I had canned sardines from Trumpville a few years ago and I was knocked over at how tasty it was. Canned beef is terrible.
Come on Nyongo, don’t kill Kenyans

I ate canned sardines bought from local supermarkets last year and nearly died.
Can never touch that stuff again.

Only if it makes business sense. Maybe people do not want ready made fish. One problem is why do people think of Kisumu as capable of only producing fish? Can’t it succeed through other channels? Can’t it be an industrial hub? A tourist resort town? A IT city?

maybe the people of kisumu have not made proactive efforts to promote what else they have…the only tv time they get is when they have…er…sporadic riots…in fact the beautiful city has earned a reputation as the undisputed riots capital of east africa…

na ati ni professor…
He was in Cuba recently with the president hakuona kitu ya maana huko aletee watu? Make cigars with the plentiful Nyanza tobacco, or start a world class hospital.

An entire economics professor who is incharge of county funds, can after summoning all his intelligence push for alcohol sale as an economic activity?
These are the same characters who say that wakikuyu wanawaiba.These are same characters who claim to burn businesses because wameibiwa kura. They are the same people who say that economic development in Kenya is skewed.
My question is aren’t those bars going to be patronized by the same locals? Isn’t that county going to have alcoholism issues? In the larger scheme of issues including the current fall of kisumu as the main source of fish in Kenya, alcohol business is now the panacea to poverty in Kisumu?
Ata wao wakule ujeuri wao kama watu wa coast

I agree with what you are saying but Anyang Nyong is not an economics professor.

Sometimes politicians have just no option but to tell wanainchi anything to remain in touch and relevant with them. When they go back to their cars they also wonder “what have i just said? shiet!”

True story. Jana jioni nilikuwa Kondele Prof akifanya meet the people tour.

The one I ate came from the city Maine and the sardines was in hot sauce. I’ll try local one and if I don’t like it then my wife’s cat will eat it

Fish industry will bring in other industries just like in Turkana the oil industry will bring in other industries. Ijs

How is he compared to Ranguma in terms of development?

When he was Health CS, did he improve anything?

…walks away whistling…

[li]He finally moved that dumpsite from Kachok to Kajulu.[/li][li]Stopped irregular allocation of tenders to every Onyango/Omondi/Otieno[/li][li]Improved payment time for suppliers (between 30-120 days) of suppliers.[/li][li]Focused on development outside Nyando/Kano areas…sisi watu wa Nyakach tuliumia saidi wakati wa Ranguma[/li][li]In Nyakach area:[/li][LIST=1]
[li] amepiga jeki wakulima wa Sorghum (Bel) with guaranteed buy from EABL [/li][li]Revival of cotton growing[/li][/ol]
[li]Introduction of better rice variety & growing techniques, with guaranteed market in South Sudan :D:D[/li][/ol]
[li]Kisumu Town[/li][ol]
[li]Clean city[/li][li]Improved water & sanitation provision[/li][/ol]

As a politician, I can’t find fault in his statement, as for economic professor, huyo alibaki darasani.

Kisumu riots huwa za watu countable. And they are known.