any recommendations of where i can buy iPhone 5s 16GB

guys, kindly recommend to me where i can buy a new iPhone 5s ,16g
tried jumia but i have to wait for a month .


Ni venye umesema new, ningekukindia used

Brathe usiteseke tena, am here the most trusted, recommended electronic seller in KTALK. Ask around you will be told.
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iplace along kimathi street next to old mutual. Call this no 0720872600

Fungua, Chagua ile unataka, nitumie link, nitakuletea na bei ya nyumbani. Thank me later

Jumia??? Chunga usiuziwe refurbished phone na bei ya new phone. skiza vile msito Incognitus amesema.

Why buy such a fuggly outdated phone? If you can’t afford the new versions si ununue tu a good android phone :(o_Oo_O

Kila nyani na starehe yake my fren.

Just curious :D:D:D

A lilo hekaya.
You remember this phone?
[ATTACH=full]140761[/ATTACH] Well I first heard of it being advertised by Maina Kageni. That time life was hard but I said to myself I will have to get that phone somehow. My fren ile siku nilifikisha pesa ya kuinunua sikuwa nashikika nikizunguka cbd mzima nikiitafuta.
Almost 10yrs later I still have it to remind me that I can achieve anything I set my eyes and heart on.
[ATTACH=full]140765[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]140766[/ATTACH]

Na Iphode 5s Nitapata Wapi Kwa Bei Ya Peasant

16GB itajaa haraka sana though, make that 64GB at least. Ingia and proceed as advised by @incognitus.


@syndicate… An trying to contact you but sifanikiwi

+254713441634 try contacting tbhat he may be of help