Any reason why you'd buy Nissan Sulphy 2014 over Toyota Premio 2014?

I hear Toyotas are a bit expensive because of the company’s reputation.

Is it really a better deal to Nissan Sulphy?

Someone has a serious hardon for Nissan Sylphy

Msee, uko na shida gani? Kama ni gari, nunua na ulete hekaya.

When I was in Japan, I noticed the most popular cars were those manufactured by Nissan. But let me say that most Japs cannot even drive; there is no need as trains are super efficient. The Japs I’m sure chuckle at our obsession with Mr. Toyoda’s mass productions

Ndugu nunua tuu Sylphy utulie. Hutatulia bila kununua. Anyway, it is a capable but shitty car. Pretty fast for a typical driver if you aren’t a petrol head.

Check the particular year and model you wanna buy and search online to see if they had any issues. Check also the engine and transmission online and see the reviews. From that you should be able to make an informed decision.

Lakini kama ni CVT, run.

I dont know why people complain about these cars. Its probably model specific issues or engine specific since in my 5 years of owning a Skyline, I have had 0 issues apart from changing the consumables like brake pads, gearbox oil, replacing the coolant and such.

Over 70% of jap population own cars

Kama ni ya auction chorea, I know what the previous owner did with it before it was repossessed.

Share with US prisss

Seems you don’t know the meaning of the word “household”.

Unamuingiza baridi

their CVT can be thrush but its a nice just maintain it properly and drive it maturely

Meaning he shouldnt buy any of the two since both of them use CVT transmission.

Nunua Nissanna utulie nayo. Maintain wellby servicing it regulalry. Be wary of bushes, hizo ndo zitakusumbua kiasi.

Skyline haina cvt. Sylphy its an option. Car manufacturers generally target Cvts to their lower end models

Huyo jamaa si unaona amesema anataka a choice between Slyphy and Premio both cars use CVT. Let him choose his poison carefully.

Both are cvt jinga hii

Nunua gari buda wacha maswali mingi, experience is the best mode


Premio may be offered in CVT but Sylphy its an option:


Run to a Premio which happens to have a CVT as well? Japanese manufacturers churning CVT. Even Subaru. Current offing is CVT even for turbocharged units. Only STI impreza has a manual as an option. If you want the good old auto tranny, buy a pre 2005 model. Or a Daihatsu (like Toyota Rush). All CVTs are currently unreliable.

Critical thinking muhimu.