Need your advice which is the best android antivirus security phone app …i have been using trust go but it has failed me severally …
Nataka kuhama

Tumia salama back…

U don’t need antivirus on ua android (this topic was well covered back in klist)
There is no any recognized virus tht has actually been a threat to android system…just some popup apps tht can fish ua personal details.

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Thanks snap infact i mostly use it for back ups…and i havent yet rooted the phone yet hio process inataka time

ai mboss hata mimi sina Av kwa simu

btw need advise on the best antivirus for windows 8 too…those with windows 8,what do you use??

I thought windows 8 doesn’t need one ama nilisoma vibaya? Microsoft Security Essentials?

venye luther amesema

lakini kama unaogopa weka kaspersky

@benja for backup use Wondershare if ur not rooted…just forget about android antivirus doesn’t make any sense at all.

For windows I don’t knw if am extra careful but I don’t actually use any antivirus I go commando

I guess that requires balls of steel; and probably means ur selfish with your machine.

Yah I guess thts why its called a PC (personal computer)

What do you do incase some virus gets in your computer? Unaitoa aje?

Re install windows.I believe a fresh start is always healthy to my pc

Hapo ni kweli kabisa. I would do the same if infected

If your PC was attacked every week, you’d get tired of reinstalling Windows.

OK out of experience u can tell a phoney website esp those tht ridirects u without ua notice…iv been using internet since 19 something I know wht am talking about.;
I visit specific websites en I use all means necessary to block pop up sites

If I get attacked this week I wouldn’t go back to tht website

Human antivirus. In any case you know when you are most likely to collect viruses.

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