Which is the best antivirus to use? AVG imenisumbua sana,after every 2days it says please update bla bla bla.


Eset Nod 32. You can customize it on when to download the updates

Eset nimetumia for 10+ years, from campus and i was doing biz ya printing. Sikuwahi pata virus
Iko on point and easy on the RAM

been using AVG Business… no complains…
i install on one machine (server), then push to all other workstations badala ya kutembea uki install moja moja… then i manage, schedule updates and scans from one place…

Following…and what about Kaspersky?

I have used Avast on even low powered netbooks for ages and no complaints

What about Quick Heal?

Am I the only one not on any av? Hata nime disable win defender!

Maybe you don’t insert every Tom, Dick & Harry’s Flash Disk into your PC otherwise ungejua hujui

You have confused the viruses!
Zinaona kama umeziwekea mtego but they’re not sure!

:D:D:D engineer wee namalisa mimi

mimi nakuanga tu na windows defender na sijawai patwa na mashida…as long as you now what you are doing on the internet

Wacha ile virusi ya shortcut sijui autorun ikupate:D

Iliwahi nipata nikaambiwa inaitwa skypee halafu inahide folders!

mi natumia windows defender na virus hajawahi nipata… ION the best antivirus I’ve used is Kaspersky Endpoint.

Birionea @junkie uses bitdefender

hiyo kwanza husambwazwa na flashdisks sana

I don’t need any anti-virus.
It’s makes computer slow.

Dawa ya Hiyo Ukedi ya Shortcuts ni Eset.