Anti-testosterone soy boys where can i get steroids in kenya

Men FEAR other men REGAINING TESTOSTERONE want you weak, docile, and distracted. Roid makes you strong, energetic, and focused
Yes if done reasonably it is life changing.

not recommended for the younger soy boys Definitely a 21+ sorta thing guyz.
In a year with good lifting, cardio and healthy eating you will be fucking strong and endurance as fuck like a warrior.
not bloated like natural body builder taking water on plastic bottles That shit is lowers testo
The shills will always attack testosterone.

My head hurts make it simple to understand

Forget about steroids completely, they will mess your body big time and the damage would be irreversible with associated health complications. Instead tafta food supplements for your workouts.

Kuja inbox I supply you with whey protein sups for maximum growth

Lower your testosterone levels artificially by drinking beer, masturbating, eating junk food and sleeping less than 6 hours a day for 2 weeks straight. After that operation you will have the test levels of an 80 year old man, then you can go to a doctor for a prescription

Wewe ulisomea county gani? Can’t comprehend your nonsense

Does drinking beer and sex lower a man’s testosterone? I do not think so, but it will lower your sperm count

Nimeitafuta sana, many places do not carry it. Someone lend a helping hand.