Anti Plagiarism program

Hey good people, kindly advise which is the best/ most effective and free antiplagiarism prig, thanks in advance.

What do you want to do? Check for plagiarism or what?

@danji1 umepatikana… your lecturer is tired of you handing in copy/paste answers from wikipedia as homework

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check for plagiarism!!

Use Google search bar

I use it is very effectivce but you have to pay for a licence

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dude just construct your own sentences and you will never bother with that shit. I have never had to use even google to ascertain I have not plagiarized because every word every sentence comes from my brain; I struggle I mull over sentence construction, diction, semantics and style as I write. But you seem to copy paste then start changing the sentences

Some things cannot be changed e.g definitions or statistics

those ones you acknowledge source (APA,.MLA depending on your editorial regime) and move on. The moment you write “Statistics is the study of…” then you get stuck and consult a source the first thing you do is put quotation marks and once you close the quote search for the author, year of publication and page; click on footnote or endnote (again depending on your editorial regime) and move on

Try ukiona ni poa, inbox me niku-organizie premium account at 200bob.


:smiley: :smiley: for real though, be original and cite your external sources. But kama wewe ni wale wa kujishukushuku, buy a turnitoutsafely subscription. It’s good stuff.

How does it work? Cost?

inbox no ya simu boss!!

Google is your friend, ukipewa samaki usingoje kutafuniwa pia.

Low season haimaanishi ukuje kuibia wanakijiji!!! Mpatie na mia ama nimpe number ya someone who will, bruv.

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Where did that come from? Puriiiz.

It’s better to read, understand and put down what you’ve understood in your own words. It does even give confidence. Of course sources have to be cited and also not forgotten in the bibliography.

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