Anthony Fauci blocked early treatment to create a $98 Billion vaccine industry


Robert Kennedy jr, son to Bob Kennedy, brother to JFK. Now, he wrote that book that was banned but it is still available on Amazon. He has made credible arguments which I wholly support. Fauci created a new healthcare industrial complex. The London school of health sciences also helped in the mess because it amplified the fake news. That’s why I say Fauci must be in prison

Americans is a very evil country. Big pharma is just one small example of the several inherently evil corporations that do as they wish without any control from any governments.

Fauci, Gates and Johns Hopkins Univ

Hiyo Mzee trump akirudi tunyonga yeye. We will bankrupt those companies. Raia will sue those companies. The lawsuit will bankrupt them.

Money speaks louder mugich , money speaks volumes .hakuna kitu msiito fauci atafanyiwa. Those vaccines are important to control inbred pigs like homo @chap and his kathonzweni whore family