Another sexual harrasment

Steven Seagal


Tuseme tu maisha ni ngumu siku hizi Hollywood.

waah! Now waiting for that lady who will accuse Chuck Norris

This si now going overboard. Boy child namaliswo!

An easy way to fame is to scream sexual harassment. And the feminist movement is rolling away with it.

huyu ningewacha anisexually harass back in the day:D:D #ferk feminazis

Nowadays it has become fashionable to accuse people of sexual harassment in those parts. Its not like I condone it but feminist and other pretenders with their over indulgence on political correctness BS, have ensured that one is guilty until proven innocent in such instances.

Ata terry crews juzi alienda kwa police kusema alishikwa mjulubeng na ninja/ama dame mwingine

Huyu dame movie zake zote had the same script

1.Innocent girl raped by a gang
2.Innocent girl gets a karate guru is hesitant to teach her the ancient art gives in
5.girl becomes world beater in a week
6.girl goes back to gang
7.girl pulverizes gang with kicks to the gonads

Uliona ya Spacey, altho yeye alikuwa anawinda ma boy


was the 90s no cared back then, all we wanted to see was people getting kicked in the face and practicing seen moves in school yards

Everyone one who watched karate kid immediately thought they could fight… Wapi:D:D

Steven seagal hukaa fisi

What was amazing was her signature kick…hold her from behind at your own risk

Behold Army of the KING SLAYERS are on the match to the wall, and winter is here

We used to call these movies ‘EGADS’ movies.
Extremely Good Action Dumb Story.

It pisses me off to no end. People are basically selling you their body and looks, and they come looking for you! but if they don’t succeed (or do), they want yours as well. Slay queens wanting to eat their cake and have it too.

wa wache kusumbua mzee mzito Bill Cosby banaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Steven Seagal alikuwa anachapa kila mtu mpaka director wa film , noma sanaa

pia Robert Knepper (T-Bag) ako kwa mix
[ATTACH=full]137811[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]137812[/ATTACH]

Tbag naye tunaamini na tun support awekwe ndani 50 years alitusumbua sana kwa prison break