Another Mandera attack

Alshababes attacks northeastern early this morning at around 2am. Whats not happening in this our motherland. 14 reported dead and about 11 injured.

We all know police were busy raiding busaa den wakimwaga pombe na Raia

Wacha ujinga ,mandera pombe utapata kwa afco na police station,stupid poster.

Our priorities are always misplaced.

hii kanywanji kameuma watu sana. kwani ka-unga kalimwagika (no pun!)

Unfortunately this mishap can happen anytime, anywhere, to anybody …
Its time our gava employed elite wazungus and israelis to run the show

Apparently guys there were sleeping in tents because its too hot during the night. AS threw petrol bombs and shot at them.

Its a sad state of affairs, where did we go wrong?

And this is supposed to be the month when these people keep the peace? SMH.


wewe nugu kwani ulikuwa unapikia changaa lake naivasha?uko na uchungu sana

If we can’t pay our recce guys, where Will we get the money to pay the jungus.


Kenyans just try too hard to be dumb while it requires little or no effort at all. How does one even link the liquor war to an Al-shabaab attack?

today is saba saba…


I don’t have the statistics but I highly doubt that. These killer brews have left deaths, broken families, blind man and women for a very long time .


Mathice wachana na hawa wajinga. Tunisia ni Kenya? Paris ni Kenya? Maiduguri ni Kenya? Sinai ni Kenya?

Stop trying to argue with dimwits, please.

Umedanganya hapo.

Pole to those affected in mandera. That killer pombe has killed & still killing slowly, i wouldn’t advocate 4 destruction of legit businesses but pombe iendelee kumwagwa.
Lets drink responsibly & not celebrate when certain “kenyans” are suffering.

You remind me of why I dumped my Ex-girlfriend. She never saw anything positive i was doing yet she insisted on being my girlfriend. Si uhame to Congo, they have their priorities right now that they don’t have terror attacks!!!#gichagi_thinking

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For those who are doing comparisons here. Sijaskia watu wanakufa wakikunywa tusker na regular spirits. Pombe ni wewe unaenda kukunywa. Alshabab hawahitaji ruhusa yako kukupiga risasi ama kukata hiyo shingo yako.

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