Another legend bites the dust

Eh the rate at which our men are bitting the dust is alarming .

[SIZE=7]Probe after man faints, dies during sex in Dandora[/SIZE]
By Ian Omondi For Citizen Digital Published on: January 7, 2021 14:58 (EAT)
File Photo of a police van.

Police officers in Dandora are investigating the mysterious circumstances under which a man died while having sexual relations with his girlfriend.
Robert Maina Wanjiru (35), a Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) Theater Department employee, fainted and died instantly while in the act with his girlfriend, Joyce Wairimu Wangare, in his house.
The scene has since been visited by police and processed by crime scene officers.
According to a police report seen by Citizen Digital, assorted drugs and a medical report summary were found at the deceased’s house.
The body of the deceased has since been moved to the City Mortuary awaiting an autopsy as investigations continue.

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Wanjiru ni kijana ya single mother. There was no man to tell him ukimwaga shoti ya pili kunywa maji kwanza na upumue. Kuma haiendi mahali na tena haiishi.

CC kijana mdogo @Sambamba .

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