Another legend bites the dust in a style of his own

[SIZE=7]Man found dead at a Maua lodging after night-out with 2 women[/SIZE]
By Koome Kimencu For Citizen Digital Published on: January 12, 2021 11:39 (EAT)
A file image of Maua Town.

Police officers in Maua are probing an incident in which a middle-aged man was on Tuesday morning found dead inside a lodging.
According to reports, the man had the previous night spent his evening at a popular local joint in the company of two women.
He is then said to have proceeded to the lodging in the company of the two ladies.
When police officers visited the scene on Tuesday morning, the man’s naked body was on the bed.
There were also used condoms in a bin but his two female companions were nowhere to be seen.
His body has been moved to the Nyambene Funeral home pending an autopsy that will aid the ongoing probe.

He was given a rice overdose most probably

kwani mtu ali-import expired blue pills

Maua inakaa ni town poa.Tried to book one room with two kungurus in Kisii town tukakataliwa na mahoteli kaa zote from Mash Park,Nyakoe,Stevens na hata ma lojo za tao.Ati mwanamme mmoja kulala na wanawake wawili ni laana.


Ulikataa kupea security man Ksh 150 ya soda

Wewe n

Wewe ni fala ya wapi. You don’t declare the size of your entourage at entry. Just book a double room ukiwa na one of the kungurus then go dump her in the room and go bring the second one. I have done this severally at Sandton hotel taveta road nairobi. Those receptionist never remember faces so as long as you take one at a time.

Swaffe Mkuu

Agwas, next time enda Dan’s hotel ama magharibi.waambie umetumwa na chairman

The amount you could have paid at Mash Park you should have gone to a lodjo in town and booked two rooms.