Another leaked memo from IEBC


The turn of events is really getting interesting. Accusations and counter accusations. Demos here and there. Hehehe

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Convert it to text, watu wa miwani tusome pia


Hehehe. Let the games begin.

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Its leaked and its in form of pictures so hakuna venye naweza convert

Chebukati has been behaving like he feels threatened by chiloba, or maybe he is just being cautious. The only issue was and is how the fake forms were introduced. As for the supreme court ruling, he should leave it to kenyans to judge and deal with.


Haaya basi. Full Memo


Hiyo kusomeka ni ngumu. Na niko na screen kubwa

it seems it is like the earlier memo, only that it specifically names three people who were named by nasa the other day

summary priss. too much osungu


Summary iko mwisho ya memo

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In short Kura Iriibiwo Kijinga

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Chebukati is playing to the public gallery in a very silly way with these ‘leaked’ memos. Hii yake nayo ni upuss

I still insist bomoa Secretariat, fukuza pia iyo ghasia Chiloba.


He just suspended Muhati and two others trying to appease critics!

Who still thinks these memos are leaked?

They are not leaked. Angalia Akombe’s lovely nails on page 4.

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They are just keeping the players and spectators busy

Kula block meffi wewe

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