Another KQ plane turned away from Juba airport

KQ plane scheduled to land at Juba airport on 25 August 2015 around 9:40am was turned away from the airport for lack of packing at the airport and is now at Entebbe.

KQ 352 that was scheduled to land at Juba airport yesterday, 24 August 2015 at around 3pm circled Juba airport for 30minutes waiting for parking but finally landed.

I think this is some frustrating gimmick being carried out by Salva Kiir Mayardit’s henchmen in the wake of the recently failed meeting in Addis.
I suggest KQ suspends flights to this volatile region immediately.


KQ not having the best of times

I think KQ is jinxed, did this happen to other flights too or it was only the pride of Africa

Iyo karatasi itakuwa signed kesho.

Sijui kama other flights were affected too

How can they suspend flights and they need money like yesterday…

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The South Sudanese can be so obnoxious that you could be forgiven to think Kenya is the one trying to take refuge in their home for decades.

Packing eh? In cartons, perhaps?
Glad to note, in the second paragraph it’s parking.

They (South Sudanese) lack originality especially when they designed their flag!!

Not only the South Sudanese, compare Kenya’s coat of arms and that of Uganda. Or who copied who?

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