Another Female Work Mule bites the dust after supporting the husband to greatness

Endeleni kujifanya Mrs. IMF.


Hey ladies!
I feel really heartbroken. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have been blessed with two kids. When we got married dh was a student at KSL and I was working as an mpesa attendant in rongai. [SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]I was running most bills in our small room. [/SIZE]Fast forward I did a front office course and I got a secretary job at an IT firm. Hubby set up his own law firm and with years it picked well. 5 years ago he started cheating but I kept forgiving him because I wanted to raise my kids with as a complete family. Last year things between us got bad and dh told me he doesn’t love me and he sticks around for the kids and I should leave. I stay put and told him I won’t leave akitaka kuenda he can go. We continued living together and I would do my wifely duties even in bed. Now Saturday last week dh packed his clothes and said he was tired of staying in a loveless union and he will pay for the kids fees ,medical insurance and he will be sending upkeep. We live in Thindigua in a 3 bedroom house. I work but I can not afford to pay for the rent. Is it possible to sue him to continue paying the rent? I feel so bad for my kids and how they will cope

He will be back shortly when he is broke.

If someone tells you they don’t love you point blank.

Would you rather the other person pretend to love you? I don’t understand why she is proud of supposedly doing wifely duties even as the husband continues to cheat on her.

Mehn. This is not sad territory but stupid territory.

Women love saying I did my part. One of my friends mom was like that always submissive and doing her part as husband would cheat even with women in the estate eventually he moved in with one of his many girlfriends who he had a kid with from a while back. The lady then moved out, built her own home and started a new career. In her 50s. The man retired and kuona Bibi ameomoka he started going to her house. And being the dutiful wife she accepted him back. He now oscillates between the two since they’re both doing better than him. I guess it’s the curse in Eden that your desire shall be to your husband is at work. Aki the way me I take things personal. I always say I have seen nothing. If I tell you the things that made me break up with men, you can laugh. My tolerance is so low. If I was this madam I would have died of high blood pressure by now. 5 good years of madharau and cheating after umezalia mtu? God forbid. I will just take out a huge life insurance policy and then I offload you b4 you kill me and my children with stress and frustration it’s me who will kill you. From what I have observed men only understand one language which is a woman who is a mafioso and ruthless.

I don’t think it’s Eden curse. It’s bad cultural attitudes. Ati unavumilia to preserve marriage or for the sake of the kids. Hata unaona The husband claiming that he was only staying for the kids.

Let them co parent in peace. Since that’s the only thing tying them together

vitu za mapenzi wekeni kando, sai tunafocus kwa BBI na salary ya striking doctos and nurses. Period

Usitulete stress my fren. Shida ziko Kenya hatutawezana police, don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and lakes we are used to in Udaku Zones.