Another Cop shoots self and girlfriend

A police man based at Molo and living in an apartment along Kanu Street with his girlfriend engaged in a domestic dispute with the said girlfriend and shot her before turning it on himself.
Naona corporal wa armoury akiwa Na maswali mingi ya kujibu.

police need urgent help from psychiatrists.

Ohh no not again, this is three much.
Are police Chaplins still there.
Lakini if we all had guns lotsa people would be getting shot every day, kwanza @Mosa nampiga nne za haga aache ujinga



Nyoka hii

where is this?

Where the hell is Nilo and Kanu Street?? :eek::eek:

No, Police are humans too and have a temporary bouts of insanity when such things happen. We all do. Ni vile tu they have a firearm, that does irreperable damage.

Zile makofi na mangumi mabibi wa watu hutandikwa hii kenya ni mingi sana. After a brief moment ndio guys realise what they are doing and stop (or stopped). Atleast the blackeye will heal.

Sasa wewe utafika shule saa ngapi ukiwa unarandaranda huku.Kunywa chai haraka na uende shule.Na usisahau kubeba lunchbox.

very true. wengi wenyu hapa who think are in control of their emotions/reactions would have shot your wives ukimpata anakutwa by another guy or even just walking around holding hands. Hizo makofi and pushing an shoving and shooting the gun its the same thing. Ni ile tu hamkua na bunduki kwa mkono

i will keep preaching, guns dont kill people, people kill people

temperamental evaluation should be a mandatory test before being issued with a firearm

Waaah! What a beautiful couple!

wauane. all cops are thieves and bullies anyway.

Nakuru. Kanu street is the red light district of Nakuru, where more than 200 bars are found along that street.

I have a cop client who just shows up even on weekends, and worse still, with his gun.
There’s a day he asked, “Umekaza hii?” He was pointing with his gun.

But I think there nature of work is so stressful and sometimes traumatising For example, wale karao huchapa demonstrators Na marungu need counseling after each clobbering session.

ungesema no ungelishwa risasi kwa sikio

I’m not even halfway through my life’s quota of WD40.
Even the shepparts are on edge when he’s around.