Another brand-new Kenyan hogwash: ati now we should be electing 2 women reps per county.

What’s happening to this country? Who will spare us from these gender idiocies that are all over? This Cecily mbarire thing has made the proposal that will increase women reps to 94. How have women benefited from the already 47 reps?

Why cant these women go the full mile and petition God to exempt them some laws contained in the Decalogue(Ten Commandments)? Why can’t they petition God to exempt them from ‘thou shall not commit adultery’ restriction because, you know, the modern woman is quite sexually liberated and ‘horny’ and want to explore her sexual ‘liberation’?

Why cannot they petition God and demand that at least one-third of heaven’s inhabitants should be women?

Yaani, come next election and karl marx will be forced to vote for 2, yes, think of it, 2 fat filthy divorcees in the name of a farce called ‘gender equality’?

Kenya is really a screwed up society. Instead of stealing technological advancement from the West and customising it, all we know is to borrow feminist ideologies in order to look ‘modern’.At this rate, I will not be surprised when a girl who scores a C + is admitted to a public university to study medicine while a boy who had a clean A is left out.

Bure kabisa

This constitution was just one big blunder.

The standard:

You could be forced to dig deeper into your pockets to pay extra MPs, should the National Assembly pass a proposal by Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire.
In a move that would balloon the country’s wage bill, Mbarire is proposing that Kenyans should elect an extra woman MP in each county bringing their total number to 94 from the current 47 women representatives. The proposal, if passed, would cure the gender rule puzzle in the upcoming general elections. The Constitution provides that not more than two-thirds of the members of elective or appointive bodies should be of the same gender. National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi yesterday confirmed the House leadership had met the women leaders and agreed on Mbarire’s proposal.

Na msikojolee hii thread vile mlifanya jana.

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Watu wakule mshahara

As my good friend @highschooler usually says, hii ni umafi

I have reserved this space for a mature comment that am still thinking about before the ‘hi twinkle toes, wink, wink,’ brigade arrives.

Very few of these so called women reps are useful. Akina Shebesh ni kelele tu na kumangamangwa

Look at it this way, instead of sonko wasting time and money chasing campo lasses, the taxpayer has employed shebesh to take care of it leaving sonko with time and money to carry out his other duties.
Take for example the Japan trip, instead of our legislators running around Tokyo looking for ass, the tax payer has already thought ahead and provided ensuring the guys concentrate on what they are supposed to
Its not all glopm

picture this …two graduates of a public universty a chic and a boy…the boy got a second upper the chic got a pass…they both studied engineering.wote wameapply job place kama safaricom.guess who gets called for the interview and ends up getting the job…obviously the lady does.not that she is a better person for the job …nope but just coz we want to reward women with positions of placement rather than hurts yani ulikuwa shule na dandahead flani alikudub exam zote hadi assignments kisha anapata headway juu ako na pussy…society should really reconsider some stuff.we are all equal under Gods eyes so let us not try and promote innequality for the sake of idiocies

Then we ask what happened to the boy child.