Another beta bows out.


Lokeshen? That babe needs some comfort at this juncture

Pussywhipped maniac. Bure kabisa Una trust Mtu kama Mungu. My life comes first if it ain’t working I call it quit and start a fresh.

Ati I will always be with you!..where?..nigga your dead! And now the living will bang her with the niceness she needs.

:D:D:D:D:D,hii beta male must be @Kimakia ,in the year 2070

Hawa wanafikiria suicide ni temporary?

Huyo hawezi kuwa yeye. @Kimakia ni semen container for anatha man to cum.

Oh well.


Attention whore. Why should the entire world get the suicide note, unless he just wanted to injure those that he claimed to have loved?

Where did hardened boys go to? This generation of sissymen who seems to have a Man-gina are becoming too much.

This guy is the king of Beta males

Don’t mind him

@Ice_Cube umetuwachia bibi? No sawa! Hatujawahi kataa kazi

:D:D:D:D:D some guys are so silly! unafikiri ukikufa sasa uko na uwezo wa kukinga mtu? jinga zaidi.
tupewe gps coordinates tusaidie huyu mama asikae bila mtu

huyo kienyeji anaweza ku hulk-smashiwa vizuri sana. atuwachie tu-dissect.

we are not in the jungle anymore friend… days of killing “lions” to prove your masculinity are long gone and yes, mental health is now a thing…

Hawa ni wale walikua wanaitwa kababa ama dadi. Weak f**king niggas! NKT!

Just after his burial the alpha males will give her consoling sex and bang her with the niceness.

Pole sana kababa, a man is taught to be enduring from the word go and not succumb to petty issues more so attributed to relationships. Back then a man was taught to have several women and could never be stressed by a single one.