Anonymous pawned the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry

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The online hacktivist Anonymous has conducted a sophisticated cyber attack on the government of Kenya by breaching its Foreign ministry server, stealing a trove of data and ending up leaking some of it on the Dark Web. The cyber attack was conducted under the banner of operation OpAfrica which was launched last year against child abuse, child labour and corruption in the African countries.

The dumped data contains confidential and non-confidential PDF and Docx files from the ministry server including email conversations, security related communication, international trade agreements and letters discussing the security situation in Sudan where government forces are fighting the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

This will have less impact on kenyans .nobody worried about Internet especially leaks that much.wikileaks didn’t years that much so what will this do?send kenyans to riot on the street?

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Emilio Mwai waKibaki, was in his own league, Influential Personalities where shitting in there pants and thongs:eek::eek::eek::eek:! !!! About wikileaks.
Then comes Emilio, very composed ans straight to the point “…HIYO NI UTOTO…”, and that was his input in the debt.

How does leaking ministry info help against child abuse, child labour and corruption?

i clicked (hiding my face in shame!)…and there is nothing in the linked article or this post…

imeleakiwa underground site gani? juu siioni kwa onion ama wikipedia yoyote

hii stroy ni ya kitambo sana