Annoying habits by Kenyan Motorists

  • Not indicating at roundabouts
  • Swerving to avoid even the smallest of potholes (even the toyota v8 folks)
  • On the phone while driving and not paying full attention on the road

I say we should have sex there

At a roundabout one takes a lane according to their direction. One’s lane is already an indicator of their next move. Hence no need for indicator lights

Refresher: 2-1-2-4 or 2-1-5 rule always apply.

True that.

Refresher course, ALWAYS indicate while at an intersection or changing directions.

Watu wa Petanns ninawaona!

The most annoying thing is the stupid drivers who change lanes Kwa roundabout.

I find overlapping to be the worst, you go to exit the road and T-bone an overlapping car you hadn’t calculated for, especially bypass near kamakis

Ona huyu… i said at a roundabout! Do you change directions at a roundabout?

Anyone who throws trash out the window ni:meffi::meffi::meffi:

  1. Cutting into your lane only to drive extremely slowly.
  2. Fuckers who tailgate you when there is no traffic.
  3. Pieces of shit who can’t decide which lane they are on.
  4. People who brake abruptly coz they can’t estimate the braking distance between them and the cars in front.
  5. Mofos who block intersections yet their lanes are not moving.
    Wacha niwache kutype I’m already getting angry.

Pieces of shit drivers who do not respect cyclists!
Hooters for no reason
Overlappers na hakuna mahali wanaenda!

6. Mathafaka huweka High Beams
7. Fools who crawl when on the highway
8. Fools who want to force us fast drivers to use climbing lanes juu wanataka ku overtake
9. Lady drivers in new cars driving sooo gingerly ni kama haitazeeka…

NO, this is not true. Nenda shule tena. There is a lane that can go both ways. Indicators also help pedestrians who may be crossing where there are no lights or where traffic lights have malfunctions. The simple rule is NEVER ASSUME and so don’t expect others to ASSUME. Not every road user will remember the rules, some are 18 years, others are 95 years. Indicate your intention, roundabout or not!!

Wacha ujuaji. The left most lane getting into a roundabout has 2 options like you’ve indicated hapo juu so a driver needs to indicate in case theybare exiting.

Vile amesema!

Hooters for no reason give me road rage.:mad::mad::mad:

Kuchoma watu maitho na headlights full beam

  1. Masaitani ya kuchoma mtu na LED High beams.
  2. Asshats who follow other vehicles when overtaking.
  3. ng’ombe za probox with disco lights in and outside the car. its like a goddamn moving christmas light

This one is for you, for free. At a roundabout:
[li]Keep a safe distance;[/li][li]Do not accelerate, and;[/li][li]Always anticipate other drivers intentions (given the lane they’re in)[/li][/ol]

I hate fuvkers who drive with full lights