Annoying Fighting Feral Cats

At my place there are these very annoying cats that make those growling sounds at night while fighting or is it mating. Chases everyones sleep. However also brings out my other perverted side. Nothing gives me satisfaction like throwing all manner of homemade projectiles and watching them scatter in opposite direction. Sometimes they are so engrossed in the fight that it takes two or three projectiles at high velocity to dirperse them. Picha sina they scampered

Hehehe! In Mombasa it’s a common occurrence, boss! And f.y.i. that was not a fight but, rather, a dry fry session paka style!

@Nefertities, come and cause trouble here. Thread derailment required

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lol nah … off to bed for me. :smiley:

haya ni mapepo

I hate them cats got funny sounds… Mostly the horny one

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Someone in his wisdom has decided to build a dog kernel next to my back wall and it’s like they are keeping the damn thing inside even at night. There goes my previously quiet and blissful nights.

Construction or is it welding a few blocks away in the a.m.I would rather deal with cats at night since I sleep past 2am

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Tafta jogger’s ultrasonic uone vile hizo dogi zitatwara


Hio ndio gani sasa? But what’s getting to me is the incessant barking and various other sounds that dogs make.

Most joggers hua na shida ya kukimbizwa na dogi when exercising. Akona dogi inamkaribia, anafinya button on a device the size of a small phone. Inatoa ultrasonic sound that can’t be heard by human ear lakini stops a dog in its track and sends it scampering to safety. The device has other settings ka kunyamazisha dogi.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Poison the damn thing.

Am seriously considering coming back home with some bones and some Furadan.

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Not bones, nyama tu, the dog will swallow the evidence itself.

Mulosi, post: 132085, member: 141"]Not bones, nyama tu, the dog will swallow the evidence itself.

Oops, thanks, hadn’t thought about the evidence.

Naona you’ve done this before. More than several times

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Next time piga mbicha .

Poison the cat and feed it to the dog