Animal husbandry in estates

Niaje wadua are there city bylaws that ban ppl from conducting animal husbandry in the estates?
I am asking because the side effects of someone rearing poultry and goats in the estates is the increase of rodent population.

Hapo ni buru?

Differents estates have different laws…

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So how does someone get to know the bylaws of a estate?

Kuna committee formed in an estate.Kuna chairman na treasurer etc.Pia hii estate tunaishi kuna laws kama hizi.Lakini kukosa kuku kwa estate ni vigumu sana na watu kupanda sukuma kwa compound zao kwa sababu huezi ingia kwa compound ya mtu kimala mala na kumumbia aache kufuga kuku.

The residents association of a particular estate is charged with the responsibility of coming up with laws which are subject to the approval of all / majority of residents.

Yeah hizo kuku ndio zinaleta panya mitaani.

Thanks for the info.

Panya ziukula kuku?

No their eggs and food. Inasemekana if they are hungry enough zitakula hadi chicks.


In what way exactly!

The rats are attracted by the animal feed a farmers buys for his poultry. And when the poultry farmer does nothing to remove them they establish themselves there and start breeding.

Only in gated communities with a management company incorporated will you find binding bylaws, these other estate committees that are unregistered can only act as whistle blowers for the city county to enforce it’s bylaws.

Got chicken, cat, shiwawa and I get fresh milk from my neighbour who has 12 ziro grazing cows ! Mifugo lazima

:D:D:D your cat ndio watchman against rodents.

Very true !
Lakini when the masai herders bring their cows and dogs , hizo maubwa zimeua paka wangu !

Unless that is a gated estate community with such restrictive bylaws.Otherwise watu wakiwa kwa their own plots they can rear animals as they want. Mambo ya watu walitoka eastlands juzi kuanza kukaziana maisha ati wanataka kuishi kiubarbie in a middle income estate watu wawache.