Angekuwa Mtoto Wako Ungefanyaje? Maoni?

My last born bro used be a disciplined kid with a promising future. In form four he scored an A plain of 81 points akaitwa Maseno Bsc Nursing. All was going well till walihamishwa Kisumu Campus ndio wawe wakipiga mashifts pale Russia hosy. That was 2019. Sasa kijana akaenda kutafuta nyumba pale Kondele I think that was blunder number 1 coz alipatana wrong rende huko.

So the guy during the last trisemester misses to attend a night shift and a supervisor gives him a fail. So in 2020 before covid picks, the guy is in fourth year. Nonetheless, Dean of Nursing comes and tells him that he must go back and redo the whole final sem in third year since he failed one of the units in that final Sem for absentism, which is a gross misconduct in a medical field. That’s when hell broke loose. The guy transitioned to a full blown drug user; weed, wada, kujidunga, chang’aa, mafwaka, nakadhalika. The school was forced to call home we go and collect him and him to return only if he becomes clean.

My dad was so stressed with the issue till he succumbed in early 2021. Now the guy is still causing fracas pale nyumbani (some local peddlers kwa mtaa still sell him weed despite knowing his condition), threatening my mum, hiding and selling some household items, and demanding that apewe shamba yake ajipange nayo. Today I am informed that amemwaga CAN kwa borehole pale home which serves a good numberof our neighbours. Now my mum called me on whether to arrest the guy because she is now overwhelmed with his unbecoming behaviour as he may end up doing something worse. Should we tupa this guy ndani for character development? Wazazi saidieni.

CAN ndio nini? Tuanze hapo.
Huyo mtu apelekwe kwa mental institution kabla afanye makubwa.



The boy most likely started abusing fangi in high school, ni vile tu he used to hide it well. Ama he didn’t want to do a medical related course but was somehow forced to because he had passed. Sasa kufika huko akaanza kutumia mihadarati ku-cope na hizo gory scenes hukua hosi. Hapo options ni either rehab (most are expensive as fuck) ama kupeleka yeye Mathare kwanza. Polisi wanaeza twanga yeye kwa cell akufe ([SIZE=1]unless you’re all secretly hoping for such an outcome ndio shida iwaondokee[/SIZE]). Lakini act fast for your mum’s sake…yeye pia najua BP inamsumbua, not to mention your bro might go berserk one day and make national headlines.

Pole sana kaka: Sina advice juu ataenda polisi na atoke akiwa worse(he will kill people)

Wadau munisamehe si kupenda kwangu. Please Nimejikaza nisiingize hii kitu hapa lakini lisilo na budi hubidi. Such stories make me embrace MGTOW +CHILDFREE =FREEDOM
Raising a kid in this generation is just too much! Pooh!

Hii ndio inaitwa kidonda ndugu…before you deal with it mtaona moto.
Good thing sijaskia kuna mtu anapinga atupwe ndani.
Buda…linda Mummy na moyo yako yote sasa…you are now Her Strength and tegemeo.
Tupa iyo punda ndani.
Hizi vitu zinataka ziwe nipped in thd bud haraka.

Pole. Take care of Mum.

Sad story…lakini kitu ya kwanza if it was my bro I would find a way to get him far away from mathe coz that’s drama that she doesn’t need at her age…far away doesn’t matter where

He is very angry at the world or at your parents. But he needs to learn some responsibility so tupa yeye ndani. Unfortunately akitoka he’ll probably be more angry and blame you.

Rusha the guy ndani afanye KCPE au KCSE na kuwe top tena… there is no way he is gonna reform now…kondele is usually bad for both young boys and girls

Pole sana ndugu and kudos for opening up. DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT call the police on him. That will be a temporary solution because I’m 100% sure you’re thinking atalala ndani apewe adabu halafu arudi default setting arudi mtaani. That’s akin to thrashing a dog so that it can mew instead of bark. Huruma ya mzazi will kick in day 2 akiwa ndani halafu matha akimbie police station aseme arudishiwe mtoto wake. Huyu jamaa akitoka ndani he’ll be 10 times worse. I know this sounds impractical but the best solution to this ni aitiwe all kinds of relaz, aongeleshwe, afanyiwe mikutano(even if he himself atachorea) halafu pia wewe jaribu kumconvince aingie rehab. In short nakwambia show him love, the lot of you. Somehow, such people’s senses kick in na huko mbele

[SIZE=1]Halafu A plain na mnapeleka mtu Nursing? Si hata mngechanga aende afanye med majuu ama mlipe para?[/SIZE]

This reminds me of an article I read couple of days ago of a mom asking the court to lock up her son coz she feared for her life. You do not want the same to replicated, deal with nuisance. You remember that feeling in school we felt when bullies confronted us, thats exactly what your mom is going through and its a feeling I wouldnt even wish in my worst enemy

Ukona point…but unarealise huyo jamaa AMEKATA WATER SUPPLY YA HIS OWN MUM?
Ive seen this shit a number of times pahali drugs are not involved HUYU AKO JUU YA DRUGS AND GOD KNOWS WHATEVER ELSE…hii ni ticking time bomb…when the ninja snaps…
Huyo jamaa atolewe hapo…soma post ya dyson.

Mum hatafurahia but atleast She alive and SAFER.

Heri matha akose maji ama aingie 6feet deep?

OP hata anaweza relocate Mum temporarily or something…huyo sio jamaa wakuwa free.
Umeona post ya jimit…Mama hatakaa na amani…afadhali akiwa ndani…akiwa released mnajisort tena.

Some people are destiny destroyers. Why did that supervisor give him a fail for missing only one night shift? It appears that fail is what triggered your brother completely. Take your brother out of that home environment maybe he can live with you for some time. See a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Do research your family history, is there mental illness in the family? Early to mid 20s is when schizophrenia shows up in young men.

Unless they’re planning akae ndani indefinitely. Jamaa kama huyo akitoka inakua personal, even with the mum. National news material

Rehab because this has more to do with other underlying things than what you have on face value. Especially since kijana was on a good trajectory.

Get a police officer to arrest him and instead of taking him to cell he is given conditions to go to rehab. Involve authorities as its serious matter

Vile @kah tony amesema that is workable. To be arrested but not locked up. Shida ni, atawekwa wapi after being arrested. Wazazi kama @Yuletapeli kujeni mupate idea ya uzazi

They admit him to rehabilitation right away