Anerlisa Nudes, when she was Fat.


Nazitafuta sana, kama mna links nitumie.

Your first post of 2021, bado haujawacha kukua kiiihiii. Meffi wewe

And the way I had started to take him seriously based on what he has been posting the last couple of weeks

That’s not even a land whale… it’s a mutant…kill it before it lays eggs

:D:D:D manze

Wewe Wacha siasa, you will be the same one celebrating anerlisas nudes like Kamene Goro nudes that I posted here. Ghaseer

You have chosen this path Greek God? Right?

I feel sorry for the pips down stream who will use that water !

Sitaki ata nudes,

hii ni mali ya rex…yaani hadi msee ametuwekea Waltz…io ya chopin inaeza wekwa background while this bbbbbw rides in slow motion cute girls

Take it easy. Ulikuwa umeweka ma roadkill swafee masiku kadhaa only to descend to this :D:D:D

@ Digi you are one sick weido bastard banae.

@rexx…hajaona a wank nayo:D:D:D

has you account been hacked?

Actually ata mimi i had hopes


Tamu kama sunguch