Anerlisa Muigai... Right of Reply.


so many twists and turns

Wakenya na wizi.

The lass sounds genuine,

She has outwitted the two conmen and their crookef bloggers and journalists-for-sale. She also has the real money if it comes down to legal might.

Osungu but isorait.

Linda Ogutu’s husband is just crooked.

This i could see from a mile away.

Kangangi? That’s a watermelon guy? The rags to riches stories are fire to bask away from.

have to admit had not followed up this story, nilikuwa naona tu Anerlisa nashindwa nani huyu, at some point I thought ni some socialite sasa looking more into the story najua sasa.

yaani guys dish out millions in friend loans, just like that

Kumbe ni huyu? I remember story yake when he was busted with stolen cars I think ilikua mountain view or somewhere

This is how idiots fall. Someone struggles to get to the bottom of the mighty mountain then ferks it all by trying to screw with a rich mbich. He could have easily used that money for legit business and build up his credibility but most Africans suffer from short sightedness. Now he will be ass ferked by her rich family.

Si Kabura, a hairdresser gave 60M loan to her driver fren what is 7M?

true, I think my lane is just different, nikisikia guys are dishing out millions like its pocket change surprises me.
someone just calls you, ati nataka 20m nitakulipa next week, and you tell them sina hizo saa hii lakini naweza kupatia 7m

There are men who are plotting how to con celebs day and night especially female celebrities or news anchors. Annelise should have learnt from Esther Arunga, Anne Ngugi,Mdee and Linda Ogutu among others who have been used to piggy back to earn trust of people they want to con.

I just want to know how you took the extra long screenshot

Messy boots. She should take a break from social media.

Sasa huyu Kangangi atasaidika aje. Never fuck with a billionaire if you aint one. Huyu hata anaeza kula mbembe na hakuna kesi itakua hapo…jamaa mijinga.

As for me, I even tell my kids not to go giving out money to friends, and if they have to wandikiane kwa ka paper na wapatie mwalimu for safe keeping, I tell them that way only those who seriously need the cash will go to all the trouble of getting it, and will most likely refund it since wataogopa kiboko ya mwalimu.

Hii mambo ya kupeana tu pesa is not wise, but I guess she has learnt her lesson, parents should teach their kids mapema.

Only one side of the story may be right but whose side