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Hello guys… Anyone with a clue on how I can upgrade my android version from kitkat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.1 to kindly assist… I’m currently using Infinix hot X507…

I don’t think it is upgradable but find out

Nî upgradable kuna kitu inaitwa proff Google itakusaidia sana

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Wololo hacker ameshindwo

its upgradable, enda calcare watukufanyia ama google utapata tutorials

No joke, tried upgrading some tablet and gave up. Dead links at xda, million options, fuck this shit. Had better things to do.

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Infinix Hot 2 is part of the Android One project. Nunua hiyo

Useless asses, Carl care :(:oops:.
If it is Infinix he should visit and follow the threads in the forum. He can learn more about the Infinix smartphones there.

Thank @Da Vinci

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20 September at 10:13 · Edited ·

How to Upgrade INFINIX Hot X507 Lollipop GM version3 20150902

With this upgrade tutorial, u can now enjoy the new lollipop 5.1 OS on ur old X507 hot

1.There might be some bugs inside, if you find any bugs, you are welcome to feedback us in this thread, and the infinix team engineer will follow up and fix it.
2.we cannot guarantee the safe of your data, please backup your data before you flash this OS.
3.The version is Android 5.1
4.BUG report format:

Latest :

Android 5.1

Infinix Hot X507 Lollipop GM version3 20150902

GM Version

  1. Improve the system performance
  2. Fixed Ram showing 512MB bug
  3. add more feature
    4.other bugs fixed

Dont have much to say but to go straight to the point by giving the link and tutorial on how to go about the upgrade.

You all must know that the upgrade is not base on OTA/rollout but it going to be a method of downloading the rom and using sp flash tool to upgrade.

And once this ROM is flashed, you shall begin to get OTA update of any release.


  • Download Rom


To download d rom from mega, either u use pc or download d mega app, reg nd den visit d link and it wl automatically open d app nd ask u either to download or import.

  • Sp flash tool
  • PC
  • usb cord


  1. Download nd extract all files in one folder
  2. Run sp flash tool as administrator
  3. Navigate to scatter loader
  4. Locate the path of the extracted folder nd select d scatter file
  5. Select firmware upgrade and not download only
  6. Hit the download button
  7. While your phone is switch off, just plug in the usb cord and wait for it to complete its process.

Once u get an green tick sign saying ok, congratulation cause u have just successfully upgraded ur infinix Hot X507 the new android version lollipop 5.1.

NB: If this is done as instructed, non of any user will find it difficult.

Drop any issue for i will be here to help u all

Credits to infinix team engineer
Compiled by moh’d (mboy13)
Dedicated to infinix team and fans

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i have a personal hatred for anything running on mtk chipset,


Please enlighten us, laymen. What should we look for instead?

Exynos (samsung)
Hisilicon (Huawei)

in my day to day flashing androids i have realized it is almost impossible to hard brick any device running snapdragon chipset, it will always give you an option to return back to recovery mode or factory mode.


yaani every small bad behavior thing that happens to your device starts with your chipset.
POWER (hardware/software failure to manage power efficiently),
SOUNDS (sound clarity,maybe low or maybe loud but not clear)
Display (slow unresponsive touch effect)
hio yote ni masida inatokana na chipset and very much associated with mtk


Hmm… @snapdragon hapo i beg to differ with you. I’ve done a lot of mtk devices including upgrades and up to now none of them has had any of those complications you’ve mentioned. It just depends with how you do your stuff and what tools you use. MTK is a “clean” chipset.

I think I agree with @snapdragon. Although I can’t tell whether it is problem synonymous with the hot note x551 or whether it is the MTK. There are numerous times those I’m talking to on my hot note complain that they can’t hear me clearly. And I always thought that it’s either the network or their phones, since mine is a mighty beast! Of late I’ve heard at least two other hot note users complain of the same problem with communication. Earlier on, mine would stay powered for the whole day, say from nine in the morning to eight in the evening without charging and pushing it to the edge! But today I’m lucky if it goes for five hours mfululizo! So how can I tell whether the problem is the MTK or the hot note x551?

but mtk is very easy to exploit

its personal, i said. why is it the only one found on some cheap and fake models…

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Thanks for enlightening me.