android tablet consumes too much power

Ive had this tecno phantom tab for the past two years…as of right now the battery cant go past 3 hours once fully charged…what could be the it something to do with some settings or battery ndio imechapa.

Jaribu kuweka airplane mode alafu utuambie.

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Tafuta software ya ku-monitor battery usage like “Battery Guru” and identify what is eating up your battery.

Go to settings - battery - battery usage. Take a screenshot uweke hapa

the 3G radio also saps power like a nonsense on older model mobile devices. Use wifi where possible, it helps with battery life

nunua tablet ya maana

Do you expect the performance of the battery to be constant for decades?

A weak battery cannot be saved by anything other than a new device. Ata uweke settings wapi. labda uzime.
hapo uko on point