Android M announced-New Features

  1. Doze. Android M uses motion detection to go into deeper sleep if inactive for longer periods of time. While dozing, devices can still respond to high priority messages and alarms. This improves battery life.
  2. USB Type-C will be supported on Android for faster charging.
  3. Now on Tap. With this, holding the home button brings up Now Cards with relevant information whether you’re in app, email or web browser.
  4. New Google Photos app. It now has unlimited online storage for photos and videos. You can make collages and movies out of them.
  5. Offline maps & Chrome. Chrome will now save pages for offline use. Google maps will be able to run some features offline.(show reviews, auto-complete searches, give turn-by-turn directions).
  6. Android wear (smart watches) improvements.
  7. Android Pay replaces Google Wallet. Purchases can be made in apps or by tapping NFC sensor to pay for physical goods. It will work on phones running KitKat and higher.
  8. HBO TV streaming.

seems its the way to go… sounds conviencing

3rd quarter of this year it will be available, for now the developer preview is available.

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Might convince me to leave the IOS brigade

What keeps you in iOS? simplicity and ease of use, or the many apps?

Hapo umegonga ndipo and am an apple freak. Talk Ipad, Iphone, Ipod and Imac (macbook) hehe

Then Mac os, and iOS have small learning curve compared to windows and Android. One can easily mistake the high price to be due to requiring lots of “geekiness” but it’s due to the premium materials used in the products.

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I concur, am only following in the footsteps of a great friend from the lakeside.