android font installer

[ATTACH=full]14193[/ATTACH] Best android fonts n easy to install

[ATTACH=full]14194[/ATTACH] 2

[ATTACH=full]14195[/ATTACH] 3

kwani hujui kuupload picha?


@lorenzo, what are the names of the first two fonts above?

Nawewe unapenda kuniingilia

Cardinal na avarntagrade

hio ya kwanza ni tamu…ni gani?

Avantgarde…ya kwanza

na inapatikana wali ju i use ifonts na haiko

Maze, my Huawei y530 has been giving me headaches trying to install them. What should I do gurus?

Is your Android rooted? Let’s begin from there…

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Thanks. I will try and sample. But I think you meant ‘Avant Garde.’ So far, I haven’t come across a font ile imenipendeza kama ‘Interstate Light.’ Closely resembles ‘Roboto’ (which was the default on my Android Jellybean) but has a bit more panache. Check it out…



Download font installer utapata fonts zote

It is rooted.

Cool, now follow everything as it is explained here:

weka iFont or HiFont