Android Box..

Which android box would you recommend and how much? I am not a fun of soccer and therefore do not pay the premium or compact plus DSTV subscriptions but i miss my documentaries and movies that i love… What does your android box allow you to watch? I have good fibre internet at 40MPBS

You want to import or buy locally?

nunua laptop and thank me later

I have a good laptop and high speed internet… I used to watch documentaries via KODI but it got clogged down completely… YouTube is there but not great documentaries… What do you enjoy on your laptops? Website URLs?

Either… I can import via Aliexpress… Eben locally if the saving is not significant

all the apps in android box kama kodi, netflix can be accessed by a laptop. download the bluestacks software to the laptop which works exactly as an android box

Let me try that since I have a laptop and Internet and see how it works Any need for subscription

Netflix charges between 800 and 1200 per month depending on quality of picture and multiple device accessibility.

That would be OK since I pay 3k to DSTV and 8k for Fibre Internet Link

NVIDIA SHIELD. Case closed. Tutasema mara ngapi lol.

Mi box is ok get it on AliExpress



There are thousands of Android boxes in the market currently.Let the experts advice accordingly,we will also learn from them

Nvidia Shield is the best but very pricey. Kama unadai value for money i.e. u only want to stream movies and live TV enda Mi Store hapo Moi avenue ununue TV box 7,500/= .

I would buy NVIDIA if I was interested in gaming… mine is just to watch online Live TV and documentaries… SO I guess Mi Box would be OK, though am not very sure if the Memory is sufficient…

Its sufficient. And is enough for upto 4k streaming. But we both know there isn’t 4k content around.

I subscribed to Netflix and now watching movies and documentaries via my laptop… What am I missing for not using a TV box?

What of a sports and documentary person like me? I have zuku but this guys keep dropping channels

DSTV is the King of Football… I have Zuku and DSTV and now Netflix and all I can say if you are a fan of EPL, go DSTV…

Naah, Get zuku and buy subscription ya DAZN, u’ll get it all at a fraction of the price and u’ll still have internet kwa hao