Andrea Pirlo "L'architetto" and today's football

This guy has the technical aspect of the game nailed down in an era that football is fast paced and more aggressive. It’s sad to see him leave but it is what it is? Like Javier Zanetti, Pirlo exudes the classy side and longevity side of the game. I hope Leo and company will enjoy such in the decade to come

his freekicks are just awesome

No matter how good you are, there is still the small matter of aging and when it comes calling, you have no option but to hang the boots. By the way I think the greatest free kick taker of all time was Roberto Carlos.

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The famous grass cutter that defied the laws of physics

The greatest because of one extraordinary free-kick and a few ordinary ones? I think the greatest free-kick taker of all time is Juninho Pernambucano


I agree. That guy used to do marvelous things on the pitch. Though R. Carlos is one of the best attacking left-backs I have seen and he had a fierce left shot too. It is hard to classify the greatest free kick taker because even Ronaldinho was so good in his hey days. He used to score directly from corner kicks.

Roberto Carlos though … remember this impossible goal?

Ok, clearly everyone has their favourite, what if I add David Beckham to that list?

Pirlo =class and milan were stupid to let him go to juve

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Yeah. That guy was unplayable in his prime.

No. Beckham was overhyped by the British media. He was essentially a one footed player. He cannot even be compared to Figo who was a better no. 7 imho in the same era.