And this is how I am going to be the richest human north of Limpopo

So nimefikiria leo morning after my morning deep meditation. Nikakumbuka hii thread nikauliza if bottoming out can cause cancer then we can work something out to prevent hitting the bottom. The light bulb moment was the idea of creating a Mtaronizer. What is a Mtaronizer you wanna ask? Simple a machine, gadget ,or who knows maybe even a cream that makes the vagina a mtaro.
Forbes 500 here I come.



akili yako ni mtaro sana…you have been fucked by stupidity all your lifetime

The shit you smoking nigga!

Pass it here…

You’re too late. Such a gadget exists:
It is better known as a dick!

Dear diary, today I have learnt that my middle appendage is a gadget. I hope it will get over the air software updates soon. :D:D

kwani ulikamua nini jan hio imefanya utafute solutions hivo

Kwa nini unamake comment inafanya @pseudonym alike? Hanayway nilinyimwa nakidem kingine but leo nimeambiwa na jamaa flani ati ni kamtaro so I may have survived a night of dissapointment though mimi sijawai kutana na the mythical mtaro. Hio ni nini, how?

        pole mbro...hio nini kuna ule ana inini

mauchungu ya mwanaume

si uende uconfirm, niliwahi ambia potential competitor eti dem ni mtaro ili aniachie

Nilipigwa dummy?

Aki ya nani. Isokei

madem 1GBs wengi huwa mitaro.

Tahadhari kaka…
Kuna mtu aliuliza jana atamount aje some big girl - I forget who but it was on one of those osha mecho posts with some deliciously chubby (or fat - all subjective really!) women on it.
I laughed loud and heartily!
One can give away detail that will make the girls make snide comments…

Why not just invest in a Cock Ring …??

Properly adjusted on your “member” , …it controls penetration depth …

It costs just KES: 500/= …



Hiyo Muguka ni ya side gani? umechizi