Ancient Sacred Geometry Origins Discovered in Sumerian and Egypt Prove Hi-Tech Astronomy

The story of human history, evolution, migration, and use of advanced technology is a story that is missing several chapters, so many missing episodes you must wonder how accurate the account of where we began truly is? How have we migrated across this planet without seafaring methods is preposterous in light of evidence but is considered the norm? At what point in time did we achieve profound technological advances? The so-called historical account is also full of questions and illogical pieces of evidence and to this day we still do not know how ancient Egyptian and Mayan pyramids were built. On numerous occasions an archaeological site like the mind-melting gobekli tepe, a temple complex built roughly 12,000 years ago in Turkey leaves us so baffled, it’s obvious we don’t have the full picture. Historians at some point will have to reconsider the nature and timeline of our existence but based on the majority of evidence available we can surmise that up until around 6,000 years ago most humans were primarily hunter-gatherers, somewhat nomads that followed favorable climate and food sources to stay alive. This does not mean that a group of advanced technologists, survivors of a cataclysm, teachers of mankind per se could not have existed, quite the opposite. It’s more than likely a group, from mysterious origins possessed immense knowledge and spread it through ancient monuments all throughout the planet.