Anatomy of A Corruption Network: Jimmy Wanjigi

From Wikileaks too long to post but for those who want to read, here are the starring characters.

Classified by Econ Counselor John Hoover for reasons 1.4 (B) and (D). 1. (S) SUMMARY AND ACTION REQUEST: Embassy Nairobi hereby seeks security advisory opinions under section 212(F) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, Proclamation 7750, suspending entry into the United States of the following individuals: – Alfred Getonga, – Anura Perera, – Deepak Kamani, – Joseph “Jimmy” Wanjigi.


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He came under the CIA’s radar under the administration of US Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger. It continued under Ranneberger’s successor, William Bellamy, and it was under him that Wanjigi lost his visa.

But the biggest threat to Wanjigi wasn’t the Americans but the Swiss, particularly Ambassador to Kenya Jacques Pittleoud.

Pittleoud, a marksman, hated Wanjigi’s men. Nairobi’s power watchers say he has the most comprehensive intelligence files on Wanjigi.

Pitteloud, who joined the foreign service in 1988 and was the secret diplomat sent to Tripoli after Gadaffi’s son and his wife were arrested in Switzerland in 2008. He came to Kenya two years later and walked right into the mess that had become Kenya’s procurement and power circles.

Pittleoud chose to focus on the Asian frontmen who were the faces of the Anglo Leasing deals. He put the Swiss financial police on their trail, hoping it would eventually unmask the true beneficiaries of the deals. He also organised elaborate protocols between the Swiss authorities and the Kenyan State Law Office. But he underestimated the power and reach of the main man he was hunting.

In the midst of all this, he fell into a classic Wanjigi trap. He confidently visited Deepak Chamanlal Kamani at his palatial Kyuna, Nairobi, residence, and broke bread with him.

mix ya Alfred Getonga na Jimi ilikua bad news
But kama Uhuru angekua na Alfred kwa serikali yake hizi shida mingi hangekua nazo.

“He is our thief”

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Puppet master extraordinaire:

Anglo Fleecing comrade, Anura: