I walked towards kicc…my eyes fixed on the words that were moving round its top.‘Anarchy…anarchy…anarchy’

The whole city…not just Nairobi but major cities and towns all over the world were at a disorder.War was brewing all over Europe.People ran to Africa but here we are now…disorderly…no leaders…we were all doing what we want.

Sex on the streets…live killings for entertainment at reastaurants…children were slaves for the strong…the weak adults were butchered merciless.The world of only the strong survive.

I decided to make my way to where I decided to make my permanent apartments,parliament building.Maybe I should have followed my friends deep to the forests in the reserves but,naaaah,they must have died by now.

I walk in,my new friends busy whipping a naked woman with both hands and legs tied.I should do something,but no,cannot afford to look weak.I pick the whip from a friend realize its laced with broken metal on the edges.I whip her soft skin as I make out with a load of skin and blood.She is too exhausted to scream…

Maybe I should have just had the chip implanted in me.News is those who accepted were all shipped to a large private island.World leaders,prominent people,workers,families all who had the implant were safe from the chaos.

I made my way inside…passing my friends having orgies,Im quite sure these ladies are our sex slaves.Well,I make my way to my room which was once the speakers chambers and threw my body on the comfortable but blooded leather exquisite sofa.I was exhausted by everything…

Then I took out my berreta.Looked at it but suicide was not an option…

Then I woke up…a little sweaty na karoho kanagonga kidogo.Hizi ndio ndoto sasa huwa sipendi

so you are now a fore-seer?

@myks hahahahahah

Few days and your dream will come true i was to post same thing

@jaymoh apo sasa umetupima

am one of few people who can go over a month without remembering a damn thing that i dreamt…
nepeni prognosis

Sure, pray very hard

And tha KTalk Prophets Sacco was born. I will bookmark this post. Need to check it out after 8.8.2017


Dreaming! Such a simple word but complex at the same time with so many hidden mysteries. Have you ever thought why we dream? There must be an explanation. Dreamland is real and human beings have, are, and will continue dreaming. In fact, it’s funny how you can dream in a dream. To understand why we dream, let’s try to understand our consciousness. The brain controls the body. It never stop functioning from birth to death. When we sleep, the brain continues working. The heart can stop but the brain never stops. It’s that critical! But what happens when we sleep: the mind controls the brain. Unlike the brain, the mind is not physical. The mind reasons out things and feeds the brain with logics, the brain either store these logics or direct the body to implement them. When we are tired or the right time comes as per our cycles, the brain dissociates from the mind and we fall asleep. Mind you the brain continues functioning.
In most cases, the brain starts instructing itself in the absence of the mind. This is where dreaming starts. The brain tries to mimic the mind or even copy some of the past instructions given or thoughts from the mind. Sometimes, dreams can be awkward because some of the information is read from mutations of a blueprint. In some cases, the brain is so bold that it decides to go rogue by giving the body real orders. That’s where you sleepwalk (somnambulism) or kids wet their beds. Naomba kuwachia hapo!

too much movie watching but the plot is really nice…

Yes. He Probably watched a combination of The mark of the beast, hotel Rwanda and 50 shades of grey.:D:D:D

I always have dramatic dreams

Tell me about them and like Joseph of Egypt,I will translate them for you. :p:)

sasawa jose kaa radar zinawekwa kama doze ya dawa