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Anne Waiguru

Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning
Assumed office

15 May 2013
President Uhuru Kenyatta
Personal details
Children 1
Alma mater University of Nairobi
Religion Christian
Anne Waiguru is a Kenyan who was nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta as Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning on 25 April 2013.[1] She is said to be a government officer after The President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya. She holds a master’s degree in Economic Policy from the University of Nairobi, and, has specialized experience in public finance,financial management systems, public service disruption, capacity building, theft of public money and, governance.

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sasa inatusaidia na nini?

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i got the same question.



These “anonymous” users need to tread carefully. Otherwise GSU (Guza Serikali Uone) will hound them out of their anonymous cocoons.

And she doesn’t take online shit lightly. Remember when she went after Daily Post?

I heard akina Kichwakibov na fellow waharaji journalists were threatened/bribed to pull down story ya Waiguru’s son na Aston Martin. She owns Kenya.

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Very true…even jana robert alai wekad a story of hio aston martin on his blog kahawa tungu…the story vanished frm the blog within two hrs…nafikiri jaluo kililipwa pesa mzuri ndo itoe hio story kwa blog yake

If Ole Itumbi could hack into the ICC website long before he joined govt, hacking into cheap sites like kahawa tungu and remove offending stories would be child’s play to him and his State House based IT team.

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Wapi ktalk forensics?



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Hii stori ya Waiguru sasa inabore.

that’s not their car. i think everyone knows that.

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guys are still at it


she has never managed to unmask the owners of that site even though anajaribu

Hiyo website iko hosted abroad. Nothing she can do.

Haha this lady is tough she’s determined despite all this pressure and trolls

On daily post case…there was a time they were requesting the court to grant them permission to serve google at their hq…i think waliona ni waste of time

That must be MUGLY -seeing as it is yours is a face only a mother would love.