An interesting hypothesis

If all the wealth in the world is pooled and shared equally among the more than 7 billion people, those who were rich will become rich again. Those who were poor will still remain poor

That’s some deep stuff right there

That’s just another way of saying that human beings started at the same level, spoke the same languages, etc then gradually diverged to where they’re now.

Usivute ikiwa na mbegu tena…

Man, in real sense, rìtwá rìáku ni Kimakia?

Yes am Kimakia Thinwa…I shtua

Are you also anti-elitist gikuyu? This is reference to yours replies you made to @gashwin post today

:D:D is he a Kikuyu elite…stop joking unless you mean ktalk elite.last time I checked he was Embu.
Though Painful to say that Kikuyu elites are the source of the community problems.Show me one that has community interest at heart including those who call themselves Council of Kikuyu elders.
To answer your question yes I am against them

You.are bitter and against them coz you are poor.
You relate better and identify with those you share relative success with and look down those who have made less fortunes than you.
Thus if your status was to change and you accumulated enough wealth, you would have no problem siding with the elites.

Imbecile is the only word I have to describe you.